Pearl Bastet
  28 years old


     Oct 6 2022

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Status: The current mood of prl at
Height: 5'3"
Tattoos: 5 cartoons on my right arm
Piercings: 3 on each ear
Zodiac Sign:
Children: None, sorry MILF lovers

    content faq
  when did you start making content?
      i've been making content since july 2017!
i started out on snapchat and eventually made a premium, but ended up losing my accounts and switched over to onlyfans at the beginning of 2020

  what's your favorite stuff to make?
      i love being outdoors! there's something about the sun and fresh air that just makes me so happy and excited... ;) one of my favorite places to go is nude beaches, especially since i can wear my tiny bikinis and nobody judges me for it!

  what do you have to offer?
      on onlyfans alone, i have over 3,000 photos and some videos as well! there's a few gb of things scattered between my old google drive and dropbox account, which i offer outside of onlyfans to my onlyfans subscribers or people who's identity I can validate.
   i really enjoy taking photos, sometimes in weird little outfits (you ever see a sexy jeff bezos before?) and a really love taking photos outside year-round! My videos are mostly just solo toy play, but there's a few other little things I'll do here and there! 98% of my content is solo stuff.
If you ask me really nicely, I'll show you the other 2%

  what else do you have for free?
      my brother in christ plz do not ask me this. $13/3200+ as of 10/22 = 3 photos for a penny and that's if I'm not discounting my onlyfans. i get times are tough, that's partially why i made this site! i want to have something to offer for people looking to see or learn more about me on a budget. yes, porn is free elsewhere, but i'm not elsewhere and sometimes, i think an exclusive deal is better than a free sample

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october update [Oct 7 2022|1:20am]

It's officially the "holiday season" which means I'm planning a lot for this month to kick it all off!

  • Halloween costumes
  • New b/g content
  • Hopefully outdoor stuff???????
Also if you are reading this right now, thank you so much for actually looking through this site! It's always so much fun for me to do these little side projects, and I hope it's at least a little bit beneficial in the end. Even if it isn't, it was still a ton of fun to make!

[Sep 15 2022|10:20pm]
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